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Indian Nutrition Market

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Autumn Internship Report, Sep – Nov 2010

Research related work
Research report preparation on the Nutraceuticals Sector
Objective – Nutraceuticals are substances that offer nutrition beyond standard diet and include both fortified foods and beverages marketed by FMCG companies as well as dietary supplements that are mainly sold by pharmaceutical companies. Nutraceuticals is an emerging sector in India, and o3 Capital is looking at active participation in this space going forward. o3 Capital has a strong focus on research and such sector reports are often used to showcase the company’s capabilities to both potential client as well as investors. The main objective of this assignment was to prepare a comprehensive report on the sector that can eventually be used as part of client pitches and investor documents. The project also involved preparing brief profiles of key players in the sector to facilitate future business development activities in this space, and compilation of major global transactions in order to analyse transaction metrics and potential

Scope – Following was the broad scope of the report 1. Overview of the global nutraceuticals market covering 1.1. Market Size and Growth 1.2. Key Markets 2. Detailed section on the Indian Nutraceuticals market covering 2.1. Market Size and Growth 2.2. Key Segments 2.3. Drivers 2.4. Challenges 2.5. Emerging product categories 3. Comparables Analysis and Investment Activity 3.1. Global Comparables 3.2. Global M&A Transaction Comparables 3.3. Indian PE Transaction Comparables 4. Profiles of Key Players

Autumn Internship Report, Sep – Nov 2010

Methodology 1. Introduction to the sector – Briefing from relevant persons from the organistion and reading old reports on the sector helped me gain a basic understanding of the sector 2. Defining project objective and scope – A brief overview of the assignment objective…...

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