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Sawyer Associates, like all businesses, has guidelines to follow when hiring new associates. Hiring a significant number of new employees at once puts a strain on the Personnel department. This leads to not paying close attention to detail as normal and not checking references to verify information, which in turn can allow non-qualified applicants to make it through and become hired on with Sawyer Associates. Honesty is imperative, but not always the case when people fill out resumes for potential employers. Of course they want to be hired, so people may fabricate details on their resumes to make them look more qualified then what they really are.

Prior to a new employee being hired, the proper steps and procedures must be followed by the Personnel department to insure the new hire is properly qualified for the position that’s being offered. The Personnel department, which is responsible for hiring, must not disregard the Company's policies, regardless of how busy the department may or may not be. When policies are followed by the Personnel department employees, no unqualified candidates will make it past the interview phase.


This case study identifies the issues with hiring new associates, associates being hired with inaccurate information on their resumes, and the Personnel department not following proper hiring policies. This analysis will highlight the main issues that could potentially affect future hiring of new employees if guidelines aren't followed strictly throughout the entire interview process.

The Personnel department at Sawyer Associates was overwhelmed since they hired a significant number of new associates at once, which in turn caused a lapse in attention to detail when hiring Jackie. Amanda, who is Jackie’s supervisor, is left to bear the burden of resolving the situation since she is…...

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