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Insights “Americans thought us the importance of education, and that importance is still evident today. Before the Americans, education was not for everyone, only the elite people were given the chance of the Spaniards to study. Americans introduced the public school system and by that we should thanked them because they’re the reason why there’s Philippine Normal University, our school. We all know that they had hidden agendas for their own good that’s why they helped and educated us. But In my own opinion, I must say that both parties benefitted, what they did had a mutual effect to the Americans and to us Filipinos.”American colonial period
To help win over the Filipinos to the new American colonial government, General MacArthur provided $100,000 for Philippine education. New schools were established with English as the medium of instruction, with chaplains and non-commissioned officers serving as teachers. Following the surrender of Aguinaldo, President McKinley directed the Second Philippine Commission to establish a free secular public school system that would prepare the Filipinos for citizenship. The Department of Public Instruction spawned the Bureau of Education under Act 477.
The establishment of the public school system in 1901 under Act No. 74 required a great number of teachers. Thus the Secretary of Public Instruction, with the approval of the Philippine Commission, brought to the Philippines 1,000 American teachers, known as the Thomasites.
Teachers were also trained in the Normal School founded in Manila in 1901 and its branches subsequently established in major towns. Elementary school teachers were trained in English language and literature, geography, mathematics, principles of education, teaching methods, and educational psychology.
The free elementary schools that were established consisted of 4 primary grades and 3 intermediate…...

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