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The Internet is a large channel for sharing and accessing information. This distinctive has made the web a widely used tool for conducting research because it allows people to access a significant amount of knowledge and information however, The reliability and credibility of the source can be uncertain and this is where many people get caught when conduction their searches on the internet.
One of the advantages of using the Internet as a research tool is that we can have immediate access to a large amount of information with reference to any particular topic. Search engines are able to retrieve endless amounts of information in a few seconds and are able to list websites in regards to relevance from key words you have entered in the search bar. Relevance is practically the only parameter considered by search engines and this means that selecting what information is useful and which is not can be time-consuming and often non-productive without an attentive screening. It can waste a lot of time if the information you are reading or gathering is wrong.
Another advantage of the internet is that it is so easily accessible, that instead of having to go to the library and look through 10 or more books on the 1 topic, you only have to use one search engine and all the information you require is there. Time saving and efficient to use the information the internet has for us.
The disadvantage of the abundance amount of information the internet offers is its reliability. It can be really uncertain or mis leading and people might confuse the relevance of a source with its reliability. Judging reliability is crucial in order to take advantage of the Internet and its information it has on offer.
The Internet is a strong research tool widely used in the workplaces. Through the Internet we can gain access to a significant amount of information with reference to a topic in a…...

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