Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security

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Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security

BUS 508 - Contemporary Business
Professor – Dr. John D. Theodore
March 3, 2013 As we all know that businesses need techniques to assist get their specific audiences on the
Internet. Search engine optimization, marketing with topics, and a new technique is used to complete this today. Social media advertising is indeed famous that a majority of new enterprises, or even a lot of existing types, is swiftly proceeding on the web in order to use these tactics. It is possible to improve the long run revenue of your respective business using the fantastic social media advertising ideas under. And there are many reasons that Social Media Marketing has become exceedingly popular among businesses of all sizes as the following. Millions upon millions of people around the world use the Internet every second of every day. The World Wide Web has basically changed the way in which we communicate with each other on a social level and with our coworkers, directors and customers in the professional arena. It has also revolutionized the way the modern business appeals to its target audience and this is primarily because the Internet enables people like you and me to search for any product (from a garden hose to a high performance sports car) or service, be it a dentist or a hairdresser, simply by clicking through the virtual pages of this truly fathomless ocean of information. (Patricia, 2012) Before the age of Information
Technology, you would have to physically sift through the tissue-thin pages of some yellowed directory book for names, phone numbers and addresses. That or rely on the advice of a friend or a family member. Now, you are but a matter of mouse clicks away from not just the first, for instance, florist it took you ages to find, but the best and closest…...

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