Interview of a Health Care Professional

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Interview of a Health Care Leader
The health care leader to interview was chosen because of expertise knowledge, patience, honesty, integrity, strong leadership skills, and is a health educator. The healthcare leader was born in the city and raised to farm life with her grandparents and enjoyed helping her grandfather with the animals on the farm. She knew as a teen she wanted to be a nurse. If she could help animals feel safe and secure, she believed she could do the same with people. The healthcare leader is hard working and never asks anything from anyone she is not willing to assist with or do herself. She has energy and is a goal achiever. Individuals who know or work with the leader know her determination. She has a vision and strives to achieve the goal of that vision with her team of students. The result is always for the benefit of the patient, the organization, and the team. She currently holds the position as program coordinator for the practical nursing program.
Student: You have achieved a position of leadership in the nursing community as a health educator. Could you tell me a bit about your background and the role that you have today?
Leader: “Graduating from high school I entered the practical nursing program at Saline County Career Center (SCCC). I graduated from SCCC as a practical nurse. After obtaining licensure, I worked in long-term care for two years. Deciding I wanted more, I returned to school to continue my education. I wanted to teach and share my knowledge and ideas with others. I graduated from State Fair College with an associate’s degree in nursing. I worked two years and returned to Central Missouri State University (CMSU) obtaining a bachelor of science in nursing degree. I was in the computer system with CMSU and chose to remain in school and obtain my master’s degree. I accepted a teaching position at Saline County Career…...

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