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The Alpine animal hospital is located down route 66 past the car dealerships and across the street from goodwill. I’ve been taken my cat there several times and Dr. Donald S. Mac Kenzie is her current vet. I have had the chance to get to know one of veterinarian assistances Victoria Prim and understand what role she plays in the hospital as well get sense for her goals for the hospital.
It was 5:45pm on some Tuesday and I was on my way to pick up Victoria from work at six. I had several questions written down but wanted to approach them in a very casual manner. Like normal there is no one parked in the lot as I pull up. I would later learn that they don’t make appointments after 5pm they leave a specific time “window” for emergencies and on call assignments. I walked through the two sets of doors and see Victoria sitting being the desk bag under arm and ready to leave. Behind the counter a dog that was recovering from animal abuse arose, a gray worn out old pit bull. He begins to snarl and growl at me, he doesn’t quiet let off a couple barks but the look in his eye was prepared. Confused at the dog’s reaction I walked right back out of those doors and waited for Victoria. Victoria responded to my confused look with “Its because you’re a guy, she was abused by several men and now how a phobia towards them.” I thought to myself how strange it was for a dog to be sexes and what kind of environment would cause that.
We made our way to my car and I asked Victoria some background information about her and her job. Victoria had been working at Target for two years and had a front desk job at NAU for 14months before getting the job at Alpine. Witch after landing the job quit both of her other jobs immediately. She started out working the front desk of Alpine working with mostly phone calls and…...

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