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The objective of this lab is to learn to use resistors and how they are used in series and in parallel. A resistor is an electrical component that limits or regulates the flow of electrical current in an electronic circuit. Electrical current is the rate of charge flowing past a given point in an electric circuit, measured in coulombs/seconds known as amperes. We are using the Ohm’s law (V=IR, V is voltage, I is the current and R is the resistor) to calculate the current of the resistors and the voltage of the resistors. There are different kinds of currents and one that we are going to be using in this lab is direct current. Direct current is when the charge flows in only one direction around the circuit and in a alternating circuit is when the direction of the charge flows changes from moment to moment. When resistors are in series they look like this
. When a resistor is in series and we are trying to find the resistance equivalent we use this formula
R eq=R1+ R2 . A parallel resistor is when two or more resistors are connected in parallel and it looks like this.... To find the resistance equivalent in a parallel resistor is different than the series in parallel you use this formula, 1Req=1R1+1R2 also it can be simplify to this Req=R1R2R1+R2. All the words we are using in this lab we have learn in class and has been taught to us which will help us more and to understand better the lab. Resistor could be use in many different products we use in our daily lives like in computers, cell phones, calculators, TV, radios, etc. This helps the voltage and currents of any of those products to not be to high to be at a normal current for the product to not get damage. Electrical engineers work with this type of labs, like in the company PG&E needs electrical engineers to work on the lights problems. Our hypothesis is that we are going to be able to calculate all the…...

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