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The following 6 slides are an example (my writing) of how the introduction can be structured. If I were to use this as an actual introduction, it would be 2 paragraphs; I have broken it into 6 slides so that it is easier to see the separate pieces. Each of the slides has a note explaining its connection to the introduction.

Paragraph 1 This slide shows the general introduction of the primary concept (selfperception), and a secondary topic (generational differences) to begin the paper.

The so-called Millennial Generation, those born between 1982 and 2000, have often been characterized as narcissistic, self-serving, and because of social media sites such as Facebook, selfaggrandizing. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that this line of thinking is both fact and fiction. Indeed, some suggest that it is not generational, but rather developmental, meaning that the current age of the average millennial is somewhere in the 20s, which is a period when individuals often display inflated self-perceptions.

Paragraph 1 This slide shows the beginning of the literature review. The underlined portion is the transition from the previous idea/paragraph.

Trzesniewski et al. (2008) specifically asked this question, testing the hypothesis of whether there are crossgenerational differences in levels of narcissism among US college students. Their findings support the notion that the Millennials are no more or less narcissistic than previous generations of college students.

Paragraph 1 This slide shows the continuation of the literature review. The underlined portion is the transition from the previous idea/study.

Alicke et al. (2010) make the case that self-perception is not associated with a broad-based generational characteristic, but rather how the individual evaluates him or herself in reference to their local group standing.…...

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