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SPE 357

Assessment and identification are key elements in education, in particular, special education. Assessing students is essential to knowing where to begin with a student. No matter what the student's ability is or is being, they all need to be assessed. After the assessments are done and evaluated, a teacher should have a better understanding of what level of performance the students are in the classroom. More than likely not all students will perform equally. The child needs further identification, a teacher needs to initiate a meeting with that diagnostician and get the students started in the Response To Intervention (RTI) process. The child is identified and then an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) is created at and ARD(Annual Review and Dismissal) meeting. For Emotional or behavioral disturbed students, a BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) is usually utilized to assist the child and teacher to “pinpoint” troubled times of the day or particular settings that are not productive for that child and their learning process. Once the ARD meeting has taken place and the modifications have been approved and relayed to the teacher, the learning can begin.

Learning can either be successful or not, depending on the approach and strategies used by the teacher. In order for the teacher to accommodate for students with learning disabilities, here she must use differentiated instruction and multilevel assessments. Not all students can learn or perform at the same level. One might suggest strategies or approaches, such as creating a syllabus allowing the students to know what will be covered and assignments that will be expected of them throughout the course. A calendar should accompany the syllabus to assist the visual learners. Technology could be used to present information, and to assess students. This method is especially…...

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