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Investment On IT: Students Perspective
Samsul Alam
Abstract: The focus of this study is to seek the relevance for implementing in Information Technology by students in Dhaka University. The research takes into account 50 students studying at different disciplines. The respondents were visited randomly to get the relevant data. The paper applies statistical tools e.g. SPSS on the information received and analyzes the results towards the solution. The result of the study suggests that students‘ academic quality and knowledge enhancement have significantly strong relationship with investment in IT. However, the findings of this exploratory study offer insights that the money invested in IT for academic purpose is more advantageous than otherwise be invested especially for those whose academic curriculum mainly decorated in accordance with the modern up-to-date era of Information
Technology. On the basis of intellectual interaction between premises and experiences gathered during study, investment on IT will help concerned students understanding how important IT is for their study.
Index Terms: Intellectual interaction, Investment insights, IT importance, IT Payoff, Relationship of IT investment, Relevance of IT usage,
Statistical tools, Up-to-date era of information technology.

The overriding message that can be gleaned from most current research on the implementation of computer-based technology in education is that technology is a means, not an end; it is a tool for achieving instructional goals, not a goal in itself. And yet, many schools and districts have invested in computer-based technology before establishing clear plans for how to use this important tool. In today‘s world, computerbased…...

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