Irony & Ethical Execution

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Irony & Ethical Execution:
A closer look at nonprofit behavior code
Felecia M. Daniels
August 24, Nonprofit Organization Management Professor Jennifer Pryor

Irony & Ethical Execution:
Table of Contents
Introduction…………………………………………………………………….Page 3 Why is a Code of Ethics Important?..................................................................Page 4 Important Ingredients in the Code of Ethics………………………………….Page 4 Administration of the Code of Ethics………………………………………….Page 6 Cases of Nonprofit Ethics Issues………………………………………………..Page 6 Minimizing Unethical Behavior…………………………………………………Page 7 Conclusion………………………………………………………………………...Page 9 References…………………………………………………………………………Page 11 & 12


Irony & Ethical Execution:
In wake of the Pennsylvania State University recent scandal, the United Way indiscretions, NAACP payout for sexual harassment, Goodwill Industries of Santa Clara, California embezzlements and even the debacle of The American Red Cross’ lack of attention on the donor’s intentions during 9/11 along with a near endless list of other the of quality ethics in nonprofit organizations is illuminated as a topic needing acute attention. The supposed intent of a nonprofit organization is to do something in good faith for the sake of mankind. It seems, though, that increasingly the ethical standards have lessened over time. More and more, there are reports of nonprofit personal albeit staff or members of the administration are committing dubious acts of indiscretion. Interesting enough, the common thread appears to be monetary gain. “From banking scandals to Wall Street, elementary schools to universities, the scramble to succeed in dollar terms, to bring in ever more money has led individuals and organizations ignoring visible, powerful, and pressing evidence of malfeasance. Money and power buy impunity, or…...

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