Is the Death Penalty Is a Fair Punishment

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Is the death Penalty is a Fair Punishment
Capital Punishment is Justifiable Killing
Genine Jackson
Philosophy 210
August 21, 2013
Dr. N Hooper-Simanaga

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IS JUSTIFIABLE KILLING Do believe in and eye for an eye, should a person should be giving a life sentence for selling drugs, is there a big different between giving a person life in prison without the possibility of parole, or the death sentence? Do you think a person should be killed for killing one person, if killing is wrong how can execution be right? Do you think it is cheaper to keep a man in prison for forty years or to be executed? Do you think the death penalty is a fair punishment, is capital punishment justifiable killing?
What would you do if you a got a phone call on the night before Thanksgiving:
(You) Hello,
(Caller) I need you to come to Rainbow South Apartment on Columbus Drive NOW!!!!!!
(You) What’s going on; I am trying to cook,
(Caller) Don’t ask me any question right now, I just need you to get here now!
Then you notice that the caller voice did not sound right, so with any more hesitation you get in your car and go to Rainbow South Apartments. Not knowing where in the complex to go you drive in and on instinct you make a right turn and Oh my God you see all these police light and what appears to be three bodies on the ground. Now you start to get nervous because you do not see the person who call you in the first place, then all of a sudden you see a bright light in your face ask you to step out of you vehicle.
(Police) state your business here, do you live here in the complex
(You) No, I got a call to come here, but before you can finish you here you name being called you and the police officer turn at the same time to see the call running over to you, now you can breathe just a little bit…...

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