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Is the Rookie Ready

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CASE: Is the Rookie Ready?

Major Issue
• Tim’s management style. Tim is a terrible manager. That is the reason why his people leave the company. Tim doesn’t know whether Kristen is ready because he hasn’t managing a priority. Tim’s job is to build the organization that can build software.

Course of Actions
Tim is a terrible manager, because he keeps taking the best programmers and making them managers. If they want to be managers, that’s fine. But it’s not clear Kristen wants to be a manager. And, he doesn’t even push back on the customer. And, Tim has allowed a standard product without a standard install. It was a 6-week project. Why would Tim agree to a 2-week install? Sure, the customer wants it. Customers want all kinds of things. They can’t always get what they want, when they want, for the price they want.
Why would Tim agree to do a special install over the holidays without asking for more money? Why would Tim even think this is acceptable to do without asking the team who will do it? Because Tim isn’t the one giving up his vacation. The fact that he even thinks this is acceptable behavior just astonishes me.
It’s time to ask if this project is strategic to the company. (Where are all the other managers? Why is Tim getting this call? HBR, I can write a more realistic story than this.) Maybe this is not even a project to take on.

• Decide if the project is strategic to the organization. Why has the customer changed their mind on what’s too expensive? What is an acceptable fee for doing this project in their time frame?
• At the same time, before committing anything to the customer, ask the team if they are willing to make this happen in the requested time frame. If not, what is an acceptable time frame? Would that time frame change if they had the experienced project manager back? What would make the time frame decrease?
• If…...

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