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Section 2. Project Overview 3
2.1 Project summary 3
2.2 Project goals, business outcomes, and objectives 3
2.3 Project scope 4
2.4 Milestones 5

Section 2. Project Overview
2.1 Project summary
This project is aim to create an “Enrollment System” orientated to satisfy the business demands that the “project sponsor” have on the newly created “St George Private High School” and the necessary dealings with all the “Key Stakeholders” involved. This project purpose is to satisfy the key aspects of them. For the Owner Committee, it is very important to help students to access their school online, from the very beginning. Throughout the 1st step: registering on line for the year they want to course. * For that we proposed to create a web page for promotion and access for available courses, timetables, academic records, contact teachers and admissions. This would be one of the products to deliver.
The project management team is keen to offer this product as a part of a whole and complete “enrollment system” that connects this web page with the “Main System” and the others stakeholders involved.
The Enrollment System should provide solutions that respond to the needs of the students, the teachers, the admin staff and the owner committee.

2.2 Project goals, business outcomes, and objectives
The mayor goal for this project is to create a system that provides a solution for all the requirements for the new school, creating a system with the latest technology that helps the business to develop and, at the end of the day, it will create profits for the business in a ‘win-win” scenario: where students, teachers, admin staff, project sponsor and other users can feel that the system is reliable, fast, intelligent and helps the environment with reduced food print. No. | Goals | Objectives | Business Outcomes | 1. | Complete the project on…...

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