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It Is Always Better to Pay a Higher Monthly Amount Because the Amount Above the Required Payment Reduces the Size of the Loan and Therefore Lowers the Amount Interest Paid Across the Term of the Loan. There Are Many

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In this chapter you will explore

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reading college textbooks more challenging than reading high school texts or reading for pleasure? College texts are loaded with concepts, terms, and complex information that you are expected to learn on your own in a short period of time. To accomplish all this, you will find it helpful to learn and use the active reading strategies in this chapter. They are intended to help you get the most out of your college reading.

The following plan for active reading is designed to help you read college textbooks. When you read actively, you use strategies that help you stay focused. Active reading is different from readings novels or magazines for pleasure. Pleasure reading doesn’t require you to annotate, highlight, or take notes. But as you read college textbooks, you’ll use all these strategies and more. This plan will increase your focus and concentration, promote greater understanding of what you read, and prepare you to study for tests and exams. The four steps in active reading are 1. Previewing 2. Marking 3. Reading with Concentration 4. Reviewing

The purpose of previewing is to get the big picture, that is, to understand how what you are about to read connects with what you already know and to the material the instructor covers in class. Begin by reading the title of the chapter. Ask yourself: What do I already know about this subject? Next, quickly read through the introductory paragraphs. Then read the summary at the beginning or end of the chapter if there is one. Finally, take a few minutes to skim the chapter, looking at the headings and subheadings. Note any study exercises at the end of the chapter. As part of your preview, note how many pages the chapter contains. It’s a good idea to decide in advance…...

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...Jurnal £kollomi Malaysia 35 (2001) 61 - 68 Interest Rate and Loan Supply: Islamic Versus Conventional Banking System Liza Marwati Mohd Yusoff Aisyah Abdul Rahman Norazlan Alias ABSTRACT This paper attempts to explore the effect of interest rate 011 loan supply of Islamic banking alld Convemional banking system. The analysis segregated the Islamic and COllvellfional banking system imo commercial bank, finance company alld merchant bank. Overnight alld 3 month Klibor are llsed as interest proxy. Unit root test, Granger Causality test, Akaike Information Criterion and Regression analysist are IIsed in the study. The results of Granger Causality test indicate that the growth of overnight Klibor ca uses changes in the growth of Islamic and Conventional loan of Mercham Banks significantly and from the regression analysis, it is confirm that Islamic and Conventional loan growth of merchant bank are significantly positive related to overnight Klibor. INTRODUCTION The additional amo}Int a borrower pays a lender, over and above the borrowed sum (principal) is commonl y called interest. This interest depends on the size of the principal and the length of time the borrower takes to repay the principal and interest. For this reason, and for computational convenience, interest is usually expressed in terms of percentage per annum and is called the rate of interest. In banks there are three players. The players are the bank, the depositor and the borrower. The depositor......

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...Business School 9-291-026 Rev. October 29, 1993 Note on Bank Loans Bank loans are a versatile source of funding for businesses. For example, these loans can be structured either as short- or long-term, fixed or floating rate, demand or with a fixed maturity, and secured or unsecured. While each potential borrower's business is unique, reasons to borrow generally include the purchase of assets including new fixed assets or entire businesses, repayment of obligations, raising of temporary or permanent capital, and the meeting of unexpected needs. Loan repayment generally comes from one of four sources: operations, turnover or liquidation of assets, refinancing, or capital infusion. This note describes traditional bank lending products, the role of the lending officer, credit evaluation, and the structuring of credit facilities and loan agreements. Specialized loan and credit products are described in Appendix A. Traditional Commercial Bank Lending Products While increased competition has forced banks to develop innovative credit facilities and financing techniques, traditional products, which include short-term, long-term, and revolving loans, continue to be the mainstay of commercial banking. Short-Term Loans Short-term loans, those with maturities of one year or less, comprise more than half of all commercial bank loans made. Seasonal lines of credit and special purpose loans are the most common short-term credit facilities. Their primary use is to finance......

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