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Google Research and Development Projects
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Google Research and Development Projects Google has an arm of their company called Project X that is tasked with researching and developing new and evolving technologies. When many people think about Google they simply think of the company as a search engine and web mail hosting company. The fact is that Google excels in those areas but is also on the forefront of new technologies that have the potential to change how people drive, how internet services are deployed in remote areas, how home environmental systems are controlled and how internet orders are delivered (ExtremeTech, 2015). In particular, Google’s self-driving car, DeepMind artificial intelligence, Project Wing drone, Project Loon balloon internet and Nest home automation technologies show promise to improve the quality of life for many in the world. Google’s research and development mission is to consolidate information from across the world from many sources and then make that data both useful and available to all internet users (Spector, Norvig & Petrov, 2015). Additionally, Google uses the technology to improve existing goods and services as well as improving the environment through clean energy initiatives. Google as a company is focused on rapidly developing and implementing new technology in all areas but the research but the research and development arm is hyper-focused on technology innovation (, 2015). Newer technologies that are developed may impact security, safety and have other unintentional effects. Along with the development of these technologies, environmental, legal, safety, security and moral evaluations and discussions need to occur. These technologies obviously have the capacity to both improve the quality of life and the environment, but they can also have negative impacts…...

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