Iywhat Is the Defining Difference Between Computer Sinformation Ecurity and Security

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Week 1, Chapter 1
1. What is the defining difference between computer sinformation ecurity and security?
Information security protects the data, computer security protects the hardware and network security protects the interconnectivity of the computers (Indika, 2011).
I do believe that there is a clear distinction between each area but if you not in an IT state of mind like myself when working in a nursing environment as a result then, no, these areas will most likely mean the same thing as in the computer that is protected.
Yes, I do believe that each area requires a slight difference in knowledge. Starting with the least:
Computer security is having password protection, not leaving passwords visible, and just securing any external devices. Information security is learning how to encrypt and decrypt information, and making backup copies.
Indika (2011). “Difference between Network Security and Information Security” Retrieved on 03/23/2014 from http://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-network-security-and-vs- information-security/ 2. Why can we argue that information security is really an application of social science?
In my opinion, information security is an application of social science because most of the information security breaches are not technical in nature but social. A variety of technical scams from a year or so ago like phishing and the Nigerian scam are purely social in nature.

3. A globally interconnected commercial world has emerged from the technical advances that created the Internet. Has its creation increased or decreased the need for organizations to maintain secure operation of their systems? Why?
With the advancement of technology, connectivity between resources has increased. We have online banking, online shopping (like Amazon), all these advancements have increased the…...

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