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Jit Management

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1. Introduction
In the challenges of global competition, companies worldwide are exploring different approaches to cut operation costs, improve product / service quality and meet rising customer’s expectation. According to Talha (2002), in order to compete effectively in global context, business firms must also have the flexibility to cope with short product life cycles, demands for greater product variety from more segmented customers and increasing international competition. One of the approaches which have been proven in cutting costs, improving quality and productivity and decreasing waste is the Just-In-Time (JIT) management approach. It is undoubted that JIT management application as a system for forced problem solving which brings a successful execution management of all production activities from designing to delivery. On the other hand, this approach draws out a number of limitations and risks that have to be overcome to achieve final goal.
This paper presents the author’s findings and evaluation to investigate the impacts of JIT management approach within the context of operation management in the world of globalization. 2. Concept of Just-In-Time (JIT)
Just-In-Time (JIT) is defined by Bozarth & Handfield in Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management, 2008 as “a philosophy of manufacturing based on planned elimination of all waste and on continuous improvement of productivity. In the broad sense, it applies to all forms of manufacturing and to many service industries as well.” Ideologically, JIT is that producing necessary items with a right demanding quantity and in the right required time is an eternal factor of production and operation management especially in today world’s globalization. Moreover, there are different production planning and control methods as Kanban system which has been drawn out to gain the purposes of JIT.…...

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