Job Opportunities for Accounting Graduate

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Accounting is the process or work of keeping financial accounts. Logic and attention to detail are involved in accounting. This profession mostly uses left-brain thinking which is about numbers and the practical application of numbers. If you want to be an accountant, it is no big surprise that you should have a knack for numbers. According to Taylor (2010), as a certified public accountant, or CPA, you will be in charged of reviewing and analyzing the financial information of clients’ companies for auditing, taxpaying, or advisory purposes. The diversity of the accounting profession makes it easier for accounting graduates to find and fill a job. Accounting graduates will not run out of job opportunity. In fact, accounting graduates have many opportunities in the job market such as as accountants, budget analysts, forensic accountants and auditors.

First, the most popular job opportunity for accounting graduates is as accountants. Accountants check financial accounts. They can work in the private or government sector. Their scope of work includes working in accounts payable, receivable or general ledger. They also perform reconciliations and analysis. This profession can be divided into three major fields. The first field is public accountants who focus on auditing and tax functions. The second field is management accountants. They work in companies and contribute to decisions making on capital budgeting and business analysis. The last field is financial accountants. The information from general ledgers will be drawn by them to prepare financial statements. Nguyen (2011) states that financial accountants are generally more active than the typical accountants. They get to travel a lot and are given many opportunities to expand their expertise. Second, accounting graduates may choose to be budget analysts. Budget analysts develop and manage organization’s…...

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