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Critique of Job Salaries, Perquisites and Benefits: Can They be Negotiated?


The article, Job Salaries, Perquisites and Benefits: Can They be Negotiated? discusses the results of a study conducted in 1987. The purpose of this study was to figure out whether people who began working in positions as recreational sports professionals during 1987 were able to negotiate their starting salaries, selected perquisites, and selected benefits when they were offered their new positions. Another purpose of this study was to compare the ability of entry level positions, mid-management positions, and top –management positions, to negotiate salaries, selected perquisites, and selected benefits (p. 42). Surveys were distributed to recreational sports professionals who began positions at a college or university in the United States during the year 1987. These surveys were mailed to fifty-four people, in which thirty-five were included in the results of the study. A large majority of the subjects were males (71.4%) and an even larger majority were NIRSA members (94.3%). The median years of professional recreational sports experience was 6.0 years, and the range was from one to eighteen years of experience. Most of the subjects had Master’s degrees (85.7%) while 8.6% had bachelor’s degrees and 5.7% had Education degrees. 31.4% of the subjects were entry level employees, 45.7% were considered Mid-management, and 22.9% were Top-management (p. 41). The survey completed by the subjects was mailed to them. Each subject was asked various questions about their ability to negotiate their salary, perquisites, and benefits. The survey used an intensity scale to determine the level of success for each participant (Warwick & Lininger, 1975). The scale included responses that answered the level of success that each subject had in negotiating each area. It also included the…...

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