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Heroes are not about persons having super powers or super strength just to save other people’s life. But it’s about how you make sacrifices and giving everything you have without any hesitation.
The movie Jose Rizal is a 1998 biographical film of the Philippine National Hero directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya. This movie shows what the real meaning of “patriotism” that was being inculcated in our minds until now. It also shows how noble person Rizal is. It focuses on the condition of society and government at the time of Spanish Colonization in our country. With the use of the written novels of Rizal (Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo), the Filipinos have awaken to the abusive ways and discrimination of Spaniards towards Filipinos. It really gave the picture on how the Spaniards treat us in our own country and rule the government with their own ways. Dominican Friars symbolizes justice and should be followed. Because of that Dr. Jose Rizal started the war by awakening the hearts of his people through his malicious works that gets the attention of Spanish Government and triggers the Filipino people to fight for their own discretion. It shows that being brave is not about killing others but also using the power of mind through writing. The movie had successfully showed the characteristics of a Filipino like being brave in their own way and patriotism. And the most important for Rizal was to give his country the freedom and justice until the end of his life. This movie makes me proud to be a Filipino and proud to have a hero like Jose Rizal, who fought and battled to save his fellowmen and country. He was not only thinking of himself, but also the sake of other people. We should be like him and start loving our country and stop complaining about things that we don’t like, instead we should start helping out in our own simple ways…...

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...JOSE RIZAL JOSÉ PROTACIO RIZAL MERCADO Y ALONSO REALONDA (born 19 June 1861, Calamba, Philippines- died 30 December 1896, Manila, Philippines), patriot, physician and man of letters whose life and literary works were an inspiration to the Philippine nationalist movement. Rizal was the son of a prosperous landowner and sugar planter of Chinese-Filipino descent on the island of Luzon. His mother, Teodora Alonso, one of the most highly educated women in the Philippines at that time, exerted a powerful influence on his intellectual development. He was educated at the Ateneo de Manila and the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. In 1882, he went to study medicine and liberal arts at the University of Madrid. A brilliant student, he soon became the leader of the small community of Filipino students in Spain and committed himself to the reform of Spanish rule in his home country, though he never advocated Philippine independence. The chief enemy of reform, in his eyes, was not Spain, which was going through a profound revolution, but the Franciscan, Augustinian and Dominican friars who held the country in political and economic paralysis. Rizal continued his medical studies in Paris and Heidelberg. In 1886, he published his first novel in Spanish, Noli Me Tangere, a passionate exposure of the evils of the friars rule, comparable in its effect to Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin. A sequel,El Filibusterismo, 1891, established his reputation as the leading spokesman of......

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