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Journal 1
ENGM 244 – 1

In our first lecture Professor Birdsong focused on three main points: networking, Jordan’s theory of options, and goal setting. Regarding networking, she emphasized that the key to business success is managing relationships. Without successful interpersonal relationships one can expect to struggle finding success in the business world. According to NPR, 70-80% of jobs are acquired through networking and relationships instead of formally submitting an application through a job posting ( This has proved true in my own life as well. Of all the jobs I’ve worked, I have only been hired once through a formal application process. For every other job or internship I have worked at, I was hired because of the relationships I had with people at the company or through my extended network. The importance of relationships and communication also applies inside of organizations. No matter what type of business one works for they will be constantly interacting with other people, particularly if they are in a leadership position. Jordan’s theory of options describes the phenomenon of how, as a person ages their options gradually decrease and their responsibilities increase. This is particularly true from a career standpoint. Older individuals who have been working in a particular field for much of their lives have much less career mobility than younger people who have been working fewer years. Companies may be reluctant to hire older workers because they have a shorter potential future with the company than younger workers, even though they have more experience. Also, as one’s responsibilities grow (supporting children, paying a mortgage, etc.) one becomes more risk averse and seeks career stability, and thus has fewer choices. My uncle lost his job as…...

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