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Sproutonline.com or Bust
Sproutonline.com is a website created by the Public Broadcasting Service for preschool-aged children. The website is based off of the Public Broadcasting Service Channel, Sprout. Sprout is the only 24-hour a day, preschool channel that focuses on programing that parents, caregivers, and children can share and enjoy together. From morning to night, parents and kids can share everything from singing and dancing, to reading and counting, and even bedtime stories. The Children’s Website Council would have an incomplete list of the top 50 children’s websites if they do not include the Sprout Channel’s website, Sproutonline.com, in their compilation. Sproutonline.com is not only a fun website for children ages 2-5, it is also very educational, encourages children to be creative and spend quality time with their families, promotes positive self-esteem, and is easy for children to navigate.
Sproutonline.com is a very colorful, appealing website that is an attention grabber from the minute that it is accessed. From the bright greens, blues, and other vivid colors that make the site stick out like a sore thumb, to familiar faces, like Elmo, Big Bird, Barney, and Bob the Builder, to the wide variety of games that there are to play, there is never a dull moment when one is on their web page. All of the games on Sproutonline.com are set up to be fun and
Schuck 2 educational at the same time. Most kids will play the games and not even realize that they are learning as they play. All of their games have the option for what skill level the child should be playing, that way a child is not playing a game they will not easily understand and get frustrated with and quit right away. There are many types of games, focusing on memory skills, fine motor skills, numbers and counting, music, sorting and matching skills, problem solving skills and a few games…...

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