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Claude Chataigne
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September 16, 2013
Narrative essay
The alarm went off, it was time to wake up for another long day at school. I said my prayers, got ready, ate then off to school I went. I still remember that day like it was yesterday, it was on a Thursday. I was ten minutes late, so as soon as I got out of the car I sprinted to class. Tired and annoyed the day was going by slow but it was soon to be lunch time. At lunch I sat with my best friends: Lauren, Jonathan, Isaac and Eric. We would always talk about current issues of the country, and that day we talked about kidnapping because it was an issue that bothered citizens especially us the upper-middle class. We had good, long and interesting debate then it was back to class we went. The two o’clock bell had rang, so school was out. We sat in the same spot and resumed the debate from lunch, then I heard my name through the giant speaker, my mom was right there waiting on me. I said goodbye to everyone then left. There was a hot dog stand across the street from my school who sold the most delicious hot dogs ever, so every day after school my mom would buy me one. After my purchase my mom and I started walking to the car, I put my book bag in the trunk then sat in the back as I savored my delicious hot dog. As my mom was putting the key in the ignition, two men came from behind us and asked my mom to get out of the car nicely but she refused to. Then the men got aggressive pulled his gun out, put it in my mom’s temple and this time yelled: “get out of the car!”. I then stopped eating and started shaking when I saw tears gashing out of my moms eyes as she screamed: ‘’let him go!!”. The guys shut the doors, the one in the back put my head on his lap to make sure I didn’t see where I was going and then off we went to an unknown place, I had been kidnapped. I was too scared at the moment to know what was going on. We stopped, he grabbed my hands then I got out of the car, I was in the poorest and the most dangerous area of the capital. They walked me to this small house about a few square feet, with just a bed, a chair and a bucket. I laid there starring at the ceiling when I finally realized what had just happened to me, the laughed a little because my friends and I had a huge debate about it that same day. It was getting late when three armed guys walked in the room, one of them was carrying a to-go box and a bottle of soda. “we brought you food’’ he said, but I was so scared and paranoid that maybe they had poisoned the food that declined it. After their meal they called my parents, I remember feeling so relieved hearing my moms voice. Sleepless, I spent the whole night crying and praying that all of this was just a dream that I was soon going to wake up from. The next day at noon one of the guys walked in the room, while trying to catch his breath he said: “get your stuff, you’re going home’’. I had the biggest smile on my face, quickly I grabbed my bag, put my shoes on; It was time to go home. He put me in a taxi cab and gave the chauffeur my address, it was the longest ride of my life. We had arrived to my house there were dozens of cars parked there, all family and friends patiently waiting on me to come home. As I walked in I could see joy and deliverance in their faces and smiles. I gave my parents the biggest hugs, at that moment the house got silent and emotional. That night I was so happy to be in my room on my own bed with my family.…...

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