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Section 1: Biomolecules & chemical bonding

Reading: Chapter 2, concepts 2.1 – 2.4 Chapter 3, concepts 3.1 and 3.2
Watch and Learn: ➢ Biological molecules ➢ http://youtu.be/QWf2jcznLsY

Basic Learning objectives
After completing the readings and practice exercises, students should be able to: • Define the biologically relevant interactions (bonds) between molecules

• List functional groups commonly found in biological molecules.

• List the different kinds of biological macromolecules and their monomers. • Summarize how polymers are made and broken down and how water participates in these reactions. • Describe the structure and functions of: o Simple sugars. o Nucleotides o Amino acids • Summarize the different forms and functions of complex carbohydrates. • Describe the possible levels of protein structure. • Summarize the fundamental property of all lipids • Illustrate the structure of triglycerides and phospholipids.
Advanced learning objectives
After the biomolecules lectures, students should be able to: • Predict what type of bond would be formed using electronegativity information.

• Develop the critical thinking skills that allow you to evaluate scientific experiments that seek to explore how life started on earth.

• Summarize why and where carbohydrates are commonly combined with other macromolecules.

• Describe the relationship between functional groups and the molecules they are part of. • Compare and contrast the structure and functions of DNA and RNA.

• Describe the four types of lipids.

o Summarize and predict commonalities and differences in lipid structure and function

• Describe how man-made fats are different from those found in nature and what their properties are.

Be able to define, identify, and (where…...

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