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L306 - Assist Family Members Practical Exercises a B and C

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Assist Family Members Practical Exercise

Situation A

First off, I would have to ask a few questions. How much did the rent get raised? Does this raise cause serious financial hardship? Would an AER loan help any? And if it would, would it get them out of trouble, or just prolong it? Also I would have to consider that, if the wife is 8 months pregnant. She may already be under a lot of stress, and the current situation is not helping any. I would more than likely recommend that both the soldier and the spouse seek financial counseling. I would also want to know why the soldier is disputing the raise in rent. And does he have any legal backing that could help in this situation. I may also recommend the soldier take a copy of his lease to JAG to see if they can find something that may help the soldier out. I would also ensure the company commander and 1SG are aware of the situation as they also may have additional ideas that could help in this situation.

Grade: 9.00 out of 10

Instructor Feedback

Very good response, also have FRG and Chaplin visit wife to check on her and see that she is doing ok and if she needs any support as birth nears.

Situation B

First off I am confused how she was allowed to enter the country if she has TB. But putting that aside, There are a few things to consider. First off, she needs to be put in DEERS ASAP. If she is legally dependent on him as a condition for her being here, there should be documentation to support that. Then they need to get her an ID card and enroll her in Tricare. This could be somewhat troublesome as many ID facilities require the soldier to be present. They may need to get a Power of Attorney from the soldier so that his wife can handle this. Also if any medical bills are incurred prior to all this, the soldier may be responsible for paying them out of pocket. There is a good chance AER may need…...

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