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National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme

The National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme (NFPCSP) was initiated to enhance national capacity to implement the National Food Policy (NFP) and the ensuing Plan of Action. The NFPCSP is implemented jointly by the Food Planning and Monitoring Unit (FPMU) under the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management (MoFDM), Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh (GoB) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), with financial assistance from the European Commission (EC) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The programme aims at strengthening the capacity of FPMU and the policy wings and planning units in partner ministries to effectively implement and monitor the Plan of Action of the NFP in order to improve food availability, enhance physical, social and economic access to food, and ensure safe and nutritious food. It also aims at expanding and deepening the civil society capacity to conduct high quality research on food security, and to establish an effective platform for dialogue between government policy officials and civil society researchers to better inform the elaboration and implementation of the NFP as well as its Plan of Action.

Copies of this publication can be downloaded from or requested from: _________________________________________________________________________________ NFPCSP Email: Khaddya Bhaban Web site: 16, Abdul Ghani Road, Dhaka-1000 Bangladesh


Prepared by: Stanley R. Johnson
Former Vice Provost of Iowa State University, USA Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus at Iowa State University, USA Assistant to the Dean for…...

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Labor Law general working conditions, the Toyota system of production, labour disputes and settlement and company practices. Information pertaining to the history of the unit, market share, details of investments, Government policies etc are gathered through secondary research, largely by reviewing the relevant available literature. Sources of secondary information include policy documents of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India (GOI), Government of Karnataka province and Japan Information Cell, labour laws, Register of Dispute Settlements, newspaper reports, published research works and websites related to auto industries in India. 1.2 Organisation of the Study The study is organised into two sections. The first section gives general information about investment of foreign capital in India’s automobile industry and government policies and incentives to attract investment to the sector. The second section tries to analyse the impact of production organisation and flexible production in labour conditions, citing the case of Toyota Motors. It also gives an account of the general background of the workers, wages and working conditions and collective labour actions. 2. INDIAN AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR: CAPITAL INVESTMENT AND GOVERNMENT POLICIES As part of the strategic move to reduce costs of production to combat the threat of competition globally, automobile companies have begun relocating manufacturing bases to countries where production cost is comparatively low.......

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...Labor Law What is the name of the federal agency that conducts elections to determine if employees wish to be represented by a labor union? The National Labor Relations Board is the name of the federal agency that conducts elections. 2. If the hospital became upset at Sylvia for daring to request to the HR Director that the hospital increase its sick leave benefits and terminated her employment on the ground that she was a "troublemaker" would Sylvia have any legal grounds upon which to challenge her termination? Assume that she was terminated before she first contacted the union? Please explain your answer. In the event that she is fired before actually contacting the union officials, the hospital could easily make an argument that she had been terminated for legitimate reasons, as they could not use union contact to determine her employment status. The hospital could in fact terminate her employment and the most Sylvia could do, would be to ask how she had been a troublemaker. 3. Was the hospital correct that it was not obligated to bargain with the union over how much paid sick leave the employees should be entitled to? If not, please explain why the hospital was incorrect. The hospital was incorrect with regards to not being obligated to bargain over paid sick leave. According to the National Labor Relations Act, the union and company are obligated to bargain over wages, hours, and other working conditions. 4. Did the union have a legal right to threaten strike to the......

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...িব ােস কৃ ত কাজ-কর্ম রkণ 336৷ কিতপয় েkেt চাkরীর বর্তমান শর্তাবলী সংরkণ 337৷ আiন, িবিধ eবং pিবধােনর সারসংেkপ pদর্শণ 338৷ কিতপয় িবেশষ aবsায় বাড়ীঘর বা আি নার মািলেকর দািয়t 339৷ তথয্ সংgেহর kমতা 340৷ িনেয়াগ সmর্ক aনুমান 341৷ কিতপয় তথয্ pকােশ বাধা-িনেষধ 342৷ কিতপয় িবষেয় েগাপনীয়তা রkা 343৷ েবাের্ডর কারয্ধারা রkণ 344৷ েবাের্ডর েময়াদ, kমতা, কারয্ধারা iতয্ািদ সmের্ক সাধারণ িবধান 345৷ সমকােজর জনয্ সম-মজুরী pদান 346৷ সাধারণ েkেt েকার্ট িফস 347৷ কিতপয় p , iতয্ািদ সmেn বাধা- িনেষধ 348৷ ei আiেনর uপর pিশkণ 349৷ ে ড iuিনয়েনর কিতপয় কর্মকাn িনিষd 350৷ aনয্ আদালেতর eখিতয়ােরর uপর বাধা-িনেষধ 351৷ িবিধ pণয়েনর kমতা 352৷ িবিধ, pিবধান o sীেম দে র িবধান 353৷ রিহতকরণ o েহফাজত 354৷ মূল পাঠ eবং iংেরজীেত পাঠ তফিসল Copyright®2008, Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Today's Total Visit 2795 বাংলােদশ ম আiন, 2006 ( 2006 সেনর 42 নং আiন ) [11 aেkাবর 2006] িমক িনেয়াগ, মািলক o িমেকর মেধয্ সmর্ক, সরব্িনm মজুরীর হার িনর্ধারণ, মজুরী পিরেশাধ, কারয্কােল দুর্ঘটনাজিনত কারেণ িমেকর জখেমর জেনয্ kিতপূরণ, ে ড iuিনয়ন গঠন, িশl িবেরাধ utাপন o িন িt, িমেকর sাsয্, িনরাপtা, কলয্াণ o চাkরীর aবsা o পিরেবশ eবং িশkাধীনতা o সংি িবষয়ািদ সmের্ক সকল আiেনর সংেশাধন o সংহতকরণকেl pণীত আiন েযেহতু িমক িনেয়াগ, মািলক o িমেকর মেধয্ সmর্ক, সরব্িনm◌্ ন মজুরীর হার িনর্ধারণ, মজুরী পিরেশাধ, কারয্কােল দুর্ঘটনাজিনত কারেণ িমেকর জখেমর জনয্ kিতপূরণ, ে ড iuিনয়ন গঠন, িশl িবেরাধ utাপন o িন িt, িমেকর sাsয্, িনরাপtা, কলয্াণ o চাkরীর aবsা o পিরেবশ eবং িশkাধীনতা o সংি িবষয়ািদ সmের্ক সকল আiেনর সংেশাধন......

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...Labor law in Spain. Amira Hassanaly BLAW 225 Labor law in Spain. Amira Hassanaly BLAW 225 Outline I. Introduction II. Employment contract a) Permanent contract or fixed contract b) Temporary contract c) Training contract d) Work experience contract e) Part time contract III. Working Conditions a) Salary b) Working time c) Rest time d) Overtime e) Working day and family f) Holidays and leaves g) Unpaid leaves h) Maternity and paternity leave i) Dismissal IV. Employee’s rights V. Social Securities VI. Unions VII. Conclusion I. Introduction As is the case almost in all European countries, Spanish labor law is very understandable and ensure protection for employees. According to the definition labor law is a body of law that govern the employer-employee relation, including employment contract. The relationship between employer and employee is more than the exchange of labor for money it is also covers workplace rights and a large group of regulation on issues such as protection from discrimination, wages hours and health and safety. Labor law also deals with individual and collective relationships between employees and employers. The economic crisis of 2008 showed that the Spanish labor model was not working out. The labor legislation change in 2012 in order to be more suitable in a time of crisis within the labor market, the legislation modifies the......

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...Running head: LABOR LAWS AND UNIONS Labor Laws and Unions Human Capital Management HRM/531 September 25, 2011 Labor Laws and Unions Unions have evolved and changed and so have companies in that top companies seem to prefer not having a union for employees. The purpose of unions in America have been consistently the same, stand with workers/members for stronger benefits, higher wages as well as racial and gender equality. Not the case for the most hated non-union company in America, Wal-Mart. “Its employees are not unionized in the United States, where the retailer has become infamous for its staunch opposition to labor groups. Even in Canada, it closed a store after workers there organized. But in the United Kingdom, Wal-Mart touts a growing roster of union employees and has negotiated contracts with entrenched labor groups in Brazil and Argentina for decades, (The Washington Post)” Wal-Mart has stores in about 13 or 14 countries, United States stores became stagnate while international stores accounted for nearly $100 billion in revenue, which is estimated at one quarter of the company’s revenue for a year. There has been an on-going battle with Wal-Mart to drop the anti union philosophy and give the employee’s the right to organize. An international alliance for Wal-Mart would seem inevitable with such good international numbers; however the company is standing ground by saying “We are a good corporate citizen (The Washington Post)”. One of the largest critics......

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