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My top 5 values are:
1. Integrity: The first and most important trait of a leader. Integrity gives a leader validity to always do the right thing. I have a deeper meaning stemming from my family that makes it crucial that I keep integrity first if I desire others to emulate my actions.

2. Loyalty: Loyalty is the trait of a good listener and friend to just be there when needed.
This trait gives superiors a sense of commitment and purpose in making sure you are doing the request job to the best of your ability. You can hold yourself as you would others. 3. Decisiveness: When asked, what do we need to do? I believe I am a no nonsense leader that will tell the raw truth but give a clean resolution to the problem. I really pride myself on not being easily blinded from the truth. Having so many family members needing quick second responses, this is a trait I’m willing to exploit. 4. Selflessness: A leader development or fulfillment to his subordinates’ growth potential, despite his or her own. This gives the reverse of saying, “Do as I say and not as I do.” Putting the troops in a position to know that when given a job that you would do it as well.

5. Commitment: Commitment enforces cradle to grave job completion. A leader and father needs to be a person of their word, given them credibility. This trait allows a person to be left to complete a task without hesitation of lackadaisical natures or quitting.

PART II: LEADERSHIP VISION STATEMENT Leadership is an ever reaching goal, never truly being a finished product. I desire to become a formidable mentor, that’s level headed and streamlined. The Air Forces needs NCO’s to represent the future of doing more with less. I strive to…...

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