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1. Q: What is community policy? What is the established philosophy of community policing? Does your community utilize community policing, and if so how?

Community policy is when a police force and citizens within a community form a bond to control crime in a neighborhood. The philosophy is that police simply showing up when called to take care of a crime didn’t have a lasting effect on the crime rate because they were just seen as public service figures, but when seen talking with people in the neighborhoods often or doing foot patrols it gave the impression that the neighborhood had a firm stance on crime. My own community is too secluded and small to utilize community policing but there are areas within my town which have a community watch program which is a good example of how this system is used today.

2. Q: What are the four main functions of the local police? Describe each function has to what the police do and how it helps the citizens.

The four functions are:
Law enforcement- Law enforcement is the most commonly thought of aspect when asked what an officer does. These duties include testifying in court, investigating a crime, routine traffic stops and many other duties. This function serves to protect people in a community and punish criminals.
Order maintenance and peacekeeping - Order maintenance and peacekeeping includes duties such as breaking up a fight, stopping a domestic dispute before it goes too far or even patrolling a local community street festival. This function is very important because it serves to stop a crime before it happens.
Service - Service duties may include taking a senior citizen who is unable to drive to a doctor’s appointment or possibly killing a snake on someone’s property. In my opinion these duties serve to form a bond between a citizen and a police officer by assuring they are not only around to punish people but…...

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...extremely dissimilar conditions and for conflicting reasons. This stochastic variable makes it hard for the criminal justice system to be foul proof and have a “recognized measuring standard” of crime to a level that incorporates the total outlook of various social groups (Digital Films, 2012). Any action against the word of God, the laws of a country or one intended to cause harm and hardship to an individual or a society is defined as crime (Danny Dorling et al, 2005). ANALYSIS Two parameters determined the public’s perception of crime in most cases; the most reported crimes in the mainstream media and the most likely crimes they encounter in their daily lives. The majority of the interviewees are more inclined to see a criminal in the terms of a “gun – toting street criminal” not as an “immaculately dressed wall street banker”. Time and lack of information insulates the public when it comes to white collar, corporate and state sponsored crimes, which are more sophisticated and have much wider impact. According to the Jones and Bartlett, a Gallup poll of 2009 found fifty percent of the respondents believed street crimes such as burglary, rape, murder, drug peddling, assaults as the immediate serious crimes they worry about most. Spending on security systems has been estimated to be an upwards of ninety billion dollars and is ever increasing (Jones and Bartlett Learning, 2011). Crime is a label of social interactions. When human beings interact, we confront......

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