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Executive summary:
One of the principal objectives of this survey is to collect data & information from those people who are the student & who are interested to admit private university. We have to maintain quality, timely, and relevant information at minimum cost and respondent burden. We collect data from questionnaire survey. We run the survey among the 30 respondents & calculate it to imagine 30 respondents equals to 100%.

Research Objectives:
The objective of the survey is to know the perception of students toward the private university from different point of view. As like what age group & how much family income influence the student to choose different private university & their desirable requirement to admit & study in a private university.

Result Calculation:
Analyse the result from the collected data in bellow:
(All the results are showing in percentage) 1) Gender: Male: | 66.67% | Female: | 33.33% | Total | 100% |
Remark: Total of 30 respondents 66.67% male & 33.33% female. 2) Age group: Age group range | Respondents | Bellow 20: | 46.67% | 20-29: | 53.33% | 30-39: | 0% | 40-49: | 0% | 50 above: | 0% | Total | 100% |

Remark: Bellow 20 age group total respondents 46.67% & the range 20-29 age group total respondents 53.33% among all the respondents.

3) Family income: Income Range | Respondents | Below 20,000: | 43.33% | 20,000-39,000 | 26.67% | 40,000-59,000 | 10% | 60,000-79,000 | 10% | 80,000 & above | 10% | Total | 100% |
Remark: from given family income range total results are showing above in the table. 4) Occupation: (if other than student) Occupation | Respondents | Business | 26.67% | Service holder | 23.33% | Housewife | 3.33% | Others | 3.33% | No | 43.33% | Total | 100% |
Remark: From above the result most of the respondents have no occupation other than student. 5) The following privet university they have visited for admission information : Privet university they visited | Respondents | | | North South University(NSU) | 43.33% | American International University, Bangladesh(AIUB) | 40% | University Of Information Technology & Sciences(UITS) | 30% | Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) | 23% | Northern University, Bangladesh(NUB) | 13.33% | Stamford University Bangladesh | 10% | East West University, Bangladesh | 16.67% | International University of Business Agriculture and Technology(IUBAT) | 6.67% | Daffodil International University(DIU) | 13.33% | Asian University of Bangladesh (AUB) | 16.33% | Brac University | 6.67% | United International University | 10% |
Remark: From above the result most of the respondents mark the north south university. 6) The reason to visit that/ those private University(ies). Answer | Respondents | Good | 86.67% | Comments | 33.33% | Total | 100% |

7) How were they informed about that private university? Informed by | Respondents | Family member/friends | 70% | Advertisements | 16.67% | Website | 13.33% | Just went there for treatment | 3.33% | Brochure | 3.33% | Others | 0% | Total | 100% |

8) Respondents rate the importance of the following factors in selecting a private university | Not Important........................................Very Important | | Factors | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Total | a. location | 3.30% | 10% | 56.67% | 6.67% | 23.33% | 100% | b. teaching Quality | | 6.67% | 13.33% | 26.67% | 53.33% | 100% | c. faculty | 0% | 0% | 6.67% | 30% | 63.33% | 100% | d. Administrative Efficiency | 0% | 3.33% | 13.33% | 43.33% | 40% | 100% | e. Library & Labs | 0% | 0% | 13.33% | 53.33% | 33.33% | 100% | f. Teaching Equipments | 0% | 6.67% | 30% | 30% | 33.33% | 100% | g. Extracurricular activity | 6.67% | 13.33% | 26.67% | 33.33% | 20% | 100% | h. International collaboration | 0% | 10% | 30% | 23.33% | 36.67% | 100% | i. Management authority | 0% | 0% | 16.67% | 20% | 63.33% | 100% |

9) Respondents rate the importance of the following factors other than the above factors, which they want satisfactorily while staying in a private University. | Not Important.............................Very Important | | Factors | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | total | a. Employees uniform | 0% | 36.66% | 26.67% | 6.67% | 16.67% | 100% | b. Reports/stationary/food | 3.33% | 3.33% | 33.33% | 43.33% | 13.33% | 100% | c. Billing & payment system | 0% | 6.67% | 20% | 43.33% | 30% | 100% | d. Signs (exit, entrance, parking) | 0% | 10% | 40% | 43.33% | 6.67% | 100% | e. Campus spaces | 0% | 3.33% | 6.67% | 40% | 50% | 100% | f. Admission office | 0% | 10% | 13.33% | 50% | 26.67% | 100% | g. Building interior | 0% | 3.34% | 33.33% | 33.33% | 30% | 100% | h. Parking | 0% | 6.67% | 30% | 50% | 13.33% | 100% | i. Canteen | 0% | 3.33% | 10% | 26.67% | 63.33% | 100% |

10) Have you ever placed any complaint to private university management? complaint | Respondents | Yes | 63.33% | No | 36.67% | Total | 100% |

11) Would they recommend this private university to their friend? Recommend | Respondents | Never | 6.67% | May be | 30% | Don’t know | 10% | Certainly | 33.33% | Always | 20% | | |

Conclusion: From the questionnaire survey we can understand the overall situation of respondents. We can easily find out their attitude and their need and aspect towards the private university.

Privet university they visited | Respondents | Age group | Family income | | | Below 20 | 20-29 | 30-39 | 40-49 | 50& above | Bellow 20,000 | 20,000-39,000 | 40,000-59,000 | 60,000-79,000 | 80,000 & above | North South University(NSU) | 43.33% | | | | | | | | | | | American International University, Bangladesh(AIUB) | 40% | | | | | | | | | | | University Of Information Technology & Sciences(UITS) | 30% | | | | | | | | | | | Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) | 23% | | | | | | | | | | | Northern University, Bangladesh(NUB) | 13.33% | | | | | | | | | | | Stamford University Bangladesh | 10% | | | | | | | | | | | East West University, Bangladesh | 16.67% | | | | | | | | | | | International University of Business Agriculture and Technology(IUBAT) | 6.67% | | | | | | | | | | | Daffodil International University(DIU) | 13.33% | | | | | | | | | | | Asian University of Bangladesh (AUB) | 16.33% | | | | | | | | | | | Brac University | 6.67% | | | | | | | | United International University | 10% | | | | | | | |…...

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