Legal Encounters

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Legal Encounters

Legal Encounters

In week five Team C examined three scenarios in which a company, NewCorp may or may not have done something illegal. The scenarios were examined and the results written to be handed to management to make a decision on a course of action. The team was responsible for providing management of any potential breaches of law that may have occurred.
Legal Encounter One Pat has the right to ask for the reason he is being let go. However, NewCorp does not have to divulge this information because they are an at will employment company. NewCorp, does no t have to tell why Pat is being let go, and it is in their best interest to protect that information. However, if NewCorp at any time told Pat the reason for the termination was related to performance they are liable to uphold the " Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance/Corrective Action Plan." By giving Pat a company document that stated: " If the job performance of an employee is unsatisfactory, the employee will be notified of the deficiency and placed on a corrective action plan. If the employee’s performance does not improve to a satisfactory level in the specified time period, termination will follow."
NewCorp has entered into a contract to do just that. This is protected under the contract law, which states "A contract is a legally enforceable promise" (“Breach of Contract Law & Legal Definition,” 2012) in the event of a breach of contract a civil case can be brought to court in which "The non-breaching party is relieved of his obligations under the contract by the other party's breach. Courts will award damages in the event of a breach, but the intent is not to punish the breaching party, but rather to put the other party in the position they would occupy if the contract had been fulfilled" (“Breach of Contract Law & Legal Definition,” 2012).

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