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How Laws are made in England and Wales.
In England and Wales, laws are made by the parliament whose main work is to make laws, debate topic issues and look at how taxes paid by the citizens are spent to help run the country. The House of Parliament is located in Westminster London and it consists of three parts; The House of Commons otherwise known as MP’s, The House of Lords and The Monarch otherwise known as the Queen.
When the parliament makes law, they are called the acts of parliament that affect all citizens and people who reside in the country. For example, laws determine at what age people can drive cars or vote in elections. Before laws are being approved by the Queen as act of parliament, they are first of all being proposed by the parliament which is often called a bill and it consists of three types; public bills, private bills and private members bills.
Before a bill is enacted into law, it passes several stages receiving the consent of both The House of Commons and The House of Lords which will be read and initiated by both houses and the delegated committees formed under the house of Parliament before it is being presented to the Queen for the Royal Assent.
The Delegated Powers Scrutiny Committee (established in 1992) keeps under constant review the extent to which legislative powers are delegated by Parliament to government ministers, and examines all Bills with delegating powers which allow SIs to be made before they begin their passage through the House.
There is an informal understanding in the Lords that, when the Delegated Powers Committee has approved provisions in a Bill for delegated powers, the form of those powers should not normally be the subject of debate during the Bill's subsequent passage. The House of Commons has no equivalent committee.
Established in 2003, the Lords Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee…...

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