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Les Miserables is a movie about people with miserable lives. Each of them has a unique story that portrays why their lives are miserable. The sacrifices and pains of the lead characters in this movie are intense and breathtaking.
Jean Valjean is a convict in a French prison. He’s been serving his sentence for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread for the daughter of his sister that was starving to death and trying to escape prison as well. Javert a police inspector is keen enough to hover over prisoner 64201—Valjean. Javert then grants Valjean his parole since his sentence is over. The parole has itineraries for which Valjean must abide at all times. It includes the yellow badge that Valjean shall wear at all times to show people that he is a dangerous man.
Depite Valjean’s freedom there is still something missing that he doesn’t seem to find out what could it possibly be. He tried to apply for jobs but was rejected for carrying the badge. He becomes hopeless and even stole a silverware from Myriel—a presiding bishop. Myriel gave refuge to Valjean and covered for his misdeeds. Valjean then hides beneath the name of Madeleine. He then manages and owns a manufacturing company in the town of Montreuil-sur-mer. This made him wealthy enough to try to bring up the town’s prosperity.
Fantine fell in love, got pregnant and the man she fell for eventually abandons her and their child. She then traveled to the town of Montfermil with her child, Cosette. She made a deal with Monsieur and Madame Thenardiers that the couple would take care of Cosette for the mean time while she works. Fantine also promised that she would send them money every month. Fantine found a job in Montreuil. They work in Madeleine’s factory but soon enough the other workers found out that she has an illegitimate child and disowned her. She was fired. She was really desperate and things were getting…...

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