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Lesson Learnt from  Innovation in Nature Based  Tourism Services 

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INNO NATOUR. Lesson learnt from Innovation in Nature Based Tourism Services

Contact: Faculty of Economics and Public Administration „Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava Universităţii str., no. 13, Building H 720229 SUCEAVA, ROMANIA Phone: (+40) 230 216147 ext. 294 Erasmus IP web site: Faculty web site: University web site: 2012 Subject to the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take place without written permission of the copyright owners.

INTRODUCTION............................................................................................................................................ 5 DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT.............................................................................................................. 8 STUDENTS OF THE 2011­2012 ERASMUS IP ...................................................................................... 9 LECTURERS, TUTORS AND EXPERTS OF THE 2011­2012 ERASMUS IP ................................. 10 RESULTS OF THE ERASMUS IP INNO NATOUR 2011­2012......................................................... 19 FINAL REPORTS OF THE WORKING GROUPS .................................................................................. 20 INDIVIDUAL POST CASE STUDIES OF THE STUDENTS ................................................................. 44 CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS ..................................................................................................149 BIBLIOGRAPHY........................................................................................................................................153

INNO NATOUR. Lesson learnt from innovation in nature based tourism services


The European Union gives a main role to the research, development and…...

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