Letter of Advice: Interpersonal Communication

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Letter of Advice: Interpersonal Communication
Derek M. Cote
COM 200 Interpersonal Communication Professor Latricia M. Carter January 21, 2012

Letter of Advice: Interpersonal Communication Dear Ricky and Lucy, Congratulations on your recent engagement! I would like to share some communication concepts that I recently learned and personal experiences with both of you on the importance of interpersonal communication for a strong healthy marriage. We often take our spoken words and body language for granted which sometimes have a negative impact on our relationship. Knowing your partner and communicating effectively to share personal feelings is the key to a successful marriage. Self-Disclosure Self disclosure is a key element in a marriage which increases trust in each other while building a strong relationship. Understanding your inner thoughts and feelings will significantly impact how you see others, especially your spouse, which will increase your ability to share your innermost feelings (Sole, 2011). Ricky and Lucy, by sharing these private feelings and other hidden secrets will reveal your vulnerabilities that will deepen your relationship with each other. I can see that both of you genuinely love each other; so this will not be hard to accomplish. Self disclosure is paramount to a successful intimate marriage; your initial risk of communicating your true identity will be rewarded throughout your marriage (Schoenberg, 2011). I recently read an article “Can We Talk?” by Nara Schoenberg which references the importance of communication in a marriage. I agree wholeheartedly with this article that quality conversation is a key to a successful marriage and recommend that both of you read this article and share information on your thoughts and feelings. This article reveals that by spending ten minutes of quality conversation a day…...

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