Liberty, Equality, or Changes in British Imperial Policy

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Changes in Imperial British policies played a big part in the coming American Revolution. However, the rich elites of America sought to rebel against the British for their own purposes. The rich did not enjoy the fact that the British began imposing new taxes on their products, and they saw it as a way to cut into their profits. The British implemented such taxes on the colonies because they were in turn losing profits due to underground smuggling and trading outside the ranks of the mother country. The British were losing control of the colonies to the more educated well-off men, which used the power of persuasion to sway the lower class of colonists to gain an upper hand over the British. Even though the lower classes of people were doing fine under British rule, the rich Americans knew if they were not onboard then the liberty the rich wanted would be unattainable.
This led to many rebellions against the British, but not all of which came from the elite. With that being said, the rich educated men of America used forms of propaganda to bring people to their side. Promises of liberty and equality sounded good to the people. The common folk saw a way to receive more rights under a local government rather than Imperial British control.
The Molasses Act was put into place by the British to defer trade with the French for sugar, but this tax did not stop the smuggling of the main product to make rum from outside vendors so it quickly lost its power. “This hurt the British West Indies market in molasses and sugar and the market for rum, which the colonies had been producing in quantity with the cheaper French molasses” (T. Kingdig 95). Thus came the Sugar Act, which eased the amount of tax paid on molasses, but this tax was heavily imposed on not only sugar but also on other…...

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