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Theme: 3. The problem is choice
Subject: Ethics
Thinker: Immanuel Kant
Movie: Minority Report

Ethics in Minority Report

In the film Minority Report (Spielberg, 2002), all the murders in Washington DC have been prevented for the last six years by PreCrime, a system based on stopping the murders before they happen, with the help of “precogs”, three mutated humans with precognitive abilities. The to-be-murderers are caught and sentenced without a chance to defend themselves. All seems to go well until the chief of PreCrime police force is accused of murdering a person he doesn’t even know. He begins to investigate the PreCrime system and hears that sometimes one of the precogs sees different future than the others, in which case the “minority report” is discarded and only the two similar visions are recorded. It’s not always a hundred percent sure if they would have committed the murder after all. Also, the events in the film suggest that a person is able to change their future if they know it. In the end of the film, the PreCrime system is discontinued because of that flaw, and all the prisoners are pardoned unconditionally. The ending is rising a big question: Is it really worth it to get stuck in a minor detail if the alternative would be to have no murders at all? If one in hundred people would end up not killing after all, what about the 99 murders nobody was preventing anymore?

German philosopher Immanuel Kant believed that certain types of actions were absolutely prohibited, even if they could do more good than the alternative. (Johnson, 2008) In Kant’s point of view, people should only act on a thing, which they thought should be a universal law. In Minority Report’s case, there would be a universal law that “people can be imprisoned if there’s a strong suspicion that they will murder someone”.…...

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