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1. The main characters progress or change throughout the film:

Eddie Morra lives in New York, and is an author suffering from writers block. He is stressed by the approaching deadline for his book, and his girlfriend Lindy also stresses him, because of the frustrations gained by his lack of progress and financial dependence. Eddie randomly runs into his ex girlfriend’s brother, who is a successful man with a nice suit and obviously a lot of money. He introduces Eddie to this “legal” drug NZT, which turns out to be a decisive feature in relation to his future. He finishes his book within a couple of days, and starts trading with stocks. Eddie manages to create a good reputation of himself among business related people, but otherwise he manages to create the exact opposite in the streets. He is sought after due to the drug, as it is a coveted drug. Eddie goes from being a wrecked unhealthy and broke soul, to be a successful healthy and wealthy man, on his way to become president of America. 2. What is characteristic of the way the film is told?

What is the characteristic of the way the film is told? (e.g. Composition, tempo, sound, camera movements, use of symbols etc.)
It’s a “first person narrator”, voiceover. We experience the movie through the main characters point of view. It starts in-medias res (him standing on the balcony). The tempo of the movie changes a lot, he often meets crisis. In the start for example, he starts on the balcony - then gets a flashback, were we are introduced to him - then he takes the first pill, finish the book, and amazes the publisher.

Experience of being on drugs: When Eddie is under influence of the drug, the camera focuses different - as to show how it is like, to be on the pills. It also makes him see himself, which perhaps shows his second, and better self (split-identity, parallel thinking). He sees everything…...

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