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Linking Customers with Brand and Creating Unforgettable Emotions Has Got the Direct Impact on Customer Buying Behavior

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Topic: „Linking customers with brand and creating unforgettable emotions has got the direct impact on customer buying behavior.”

First of all I would like to briefly touch the very important subject of understanding branding in past. The main concern of brand development had a tremendous shift in the last decade. Originally role of brands, as understood, were subject to constant ongoing redefinition. A traditional description of a brand was: the name, either connected with or mentioning one or more items in the product line. The definition of a brand according to American Marketing Association is a name, symbol, sign, term, design or logo or a mix of all. Those key points are intended to identify brand’s goods or services and differentiate from other competitors on the market. Basically anytime a market competitor makes a new logo, product or name, at the same time he creates a brand new brand.
Building brands nowadays is far way more complex then it was years ago. Every new-born brand has to pay attention to very simple yet crucial sentence “value of the brand comes from its ability to gain exclusive, positive and prominent meaning in the minds of large number of customers.” That way it is important for newcomers to develop brand’s value as well as possible. Every new brand has to overcome encounters that will happen during establishing it on a market. Creating structures that will lead to strong brands with strong brands leaders for each product or even country. Next thing is setting own vocabulary, information system for flow of information usage and very importantly their inside culture. It is also vital to clarify what is offered to a consumer and create synergies between brands, to understand the role of brands, sub-brands in order to know when to expand them and to determine the equal load of brands in portfolio. We cannot miss the fact that brand…...

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