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In the Woods with Red, the Wolf, and Perrault
Over time, the story of Little Red Riding Hood has seen hundreds of different interpretations, versions, and changes. Charles Perrault, a 17th century author, wrote the first publication of this story to reflect that young children, particularly young girls, are wrong to listen to strangers, in this case wolves, and that in doing so, said strangers will undoubtedly get their delicious meal in the end. In Perrault’s version, the male and female are depicted in a very particular way, which is ultimately a reflection of the culture and society of the time. Given this society, and the status of women, it is clear that Perrault is criticizing the gender representation through. While Little Red Riding Hood is a classic tale, it holds a more valuable meaning than society realizes.
The story of Little Red Riding Hood has a particular depiction of both men and women. In the story, men are depicted as a “metaphor, a stand-in for male seducers who lure young women into their beds.” (Tater 5). This depiction, while true, is not complete. The wolf is in fact luring Red into the bed with him, after she has taken her clothes off, and although it is not explicitly stated, the action of a girl removing her clothing and climbing into bed with a man implies a sense of sexuality. Additionally, though, the male is depicted as duplicitous and dominant. In several instances throughout the story, the wolf clearly tricks Red and her grandmother into believing something that is not true. The wolf, in need of getting to Grandmother’s house before Red, decides to have a sort of competition with her, thus tricking her into thinking he is a friend. “Well, well, I think I shall go and see her too. I’ll take the path over here, and you take the path over there, and we’ll see who gets there first.” (Perrault 12) . In turning the way to Grandmother’s…...

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