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Live Life to the Fullest

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Live Life to the Fullest

Albert Einstein says, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." Albert Einstein was one of the greatest scientists, who ever lived; later on in his life he also became a philosopher, who gave inspirational quotes to the world. This quotation has personal meaning in it to me. The things I have been through in my life have brought me to where I am today and make me have hope for a better future. My thoughts are if more people lived by this quotation that there would be less chaos in the world. I agree with Albert Einstein and I will share my own perspective and personal experiences for the reasons that I agree with this quote so much. First “Learn from yesterday,” second “Live for today,” and finally “Hope for tomorrow.” “Learn from yesterday” can be perceived in so many different ways, whether a person learns from their own experiences or that of others. People are always trying to make things bigger and better than they were before, and that can all be done by learning from the past. The major experience I have learned from is going to prison and not ever wanting to repeat that journey. Some of the things I really missed like taking a hot bubble bath, watching whatever I felt like on television, eating when and what I wanted, sleeping all day, and the hugs and kisses from my daughter. Although it has made me wiser in the choices I make in my future, it is a time that I surely do not want to repeat. Not everything learned from yesterday is a bad thing. Another thing that I learned from is watching a lot of family members and friends end up as teen moms; I vowed that would never be me. Some things learned from the past make a person grateful for being alive today. “Live for today" is one thing that a lot of people do not do in their lives. Stressful as life may be people take things for granted, and do not understand…...

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