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Estimated Exit Value of Equity at 2010 Using EBITDA Multiples | ($millions) | | | | | | | Median1 | Mean2 | DTF/URI3 | Cendant/URI4 | RAC-adjusted EBITDA, case Exhibit 8 | $853.4 | $853.4 | $853.4 | $853.4 | Car rental EBITDA multiple | 6.47 | 7.04 | 6.18 | 8.47 | RAC Operating Company Value | $5,521.5 | $6,007.9 | $5,274.0 | $7,228.3 | | | | | | Net book value of fleet, case Exhibit 9 | $9,455.0 | $9,455.0 | $9,455.0 | $9,455.0 | | | | | | Total RAC value | $14,976.5 | $15,462.9 | $14,729.0 | $16,683.3 | | | | | | HERC EBITDA | $809.4 | $809.4 | $809.4 | $809.4 | Equipment rental EBITDA multiple | 6.37 | 6.55 | 5.37 | 5.37 | HERC value | $5,155.9 | $5,301.6 | $4,346.5 | $4,346.5 | | | | | | Total enterprise value of Hertz, 2010 | $20,132.4 | $20,764.5 | $19,075.5 | $21,029.8 | Less: total debt (Fleet+Operating Company) | $14,769.0 | $14,769.0 | $14,769.0 | $14,769.0 | Equity value of HertzCo., 2010 | $5,363.4 | $5,995.5 | $4,306.5 | $6,260.8 | | | | | | Multiples are from case Exhibit 11. | | | | | 1Based on median segment multiples. | | | | | 2Based on mean segment multiples. | | | | | 3Based on Dollar Thrifty multiple for RAC/United Rental multiple for HERC. | | 4Based on Cendant multiple for RAC/United Rental multiple for HERC. | | | | | | | | | | | | Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to Sponsors | | | | | | | | | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | | (2,300) | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 5363 | IRR(median)1 | 18.5% | | | | | | | | | | | | | IRR(mean)2 | (2,300) | - | - | - | - | 5996 | | 21.1% | | | | | | | | | | | | | IRR(DTF/URI)3 | (2,300) | - | - | - | - | 4306 | | 13.4% | | | | | | | | | | | | | IRR(Cendant/URI)4 | (2,300) | - | - | - | - | 6261 | | 22.2% | | | | | | | | | | | | |…...

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...equivalent to SALES AGENT, ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE, INSURANCE AGENT (Other financial services) or EQUIVALENT. * Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status. * Must have good communication skills * Must be willing to do FIELD WORK * Fresh Graduates are encouraged to apply as long as they have interest in SALES ONE-DAY processing by client -- COMPETITIVE SALARY & GOOD BENEFITS AWAITS SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES!! Compensation Package include: fixed salary plus incentives and allowances Interested applicants may send their resume at and indicate "JS_sales" as a subject or call 884-1227 and look for MAE. JOHN CLEMENTS CONSULTANTS, INC. is located at 12B LKG Tower, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. For more details on the current JOB OPENINGS please visit:  Interview invitations and status updates may be sent via email so please check your email regularly. | |...

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...fsd[ppppppppppo]doaf[oa[psfo[psaofosd[pf f f f f ff f ff f f f ff f f f f f f f f f f f f f fffffff f f f f f f fopsfisdopfisopifopsdfiosdfiofsaifasopipsififoioweiroriiowepweopireweirpwei we r er weopweri erw ew[pioeor [e ier I ereipw rewe [[[[[[[[[[[[[eeeeeeer ree ee ee er r 23 32 fs 2343423 3 432324 4 3 3 4 2 23 423 42342342334423 2 34 4 24 234 4 2 4 42 4242-49234-02349-03900-923-9-0994599040-59940-9344444444 504444444444444444444444444 4 444444444 4 4 4 44 44 4 4 4 44 4 rwer r er w er ee rwe r erweerrwer er werew r wer wer we wr w wwr w rgkidkl;sddddddddddddddddd ssflgk;sdfl;fdddddddd ss fdlkg;s’ sdg dgkl;klg’sdfklg’;kgg gg dsgkl;sdf’;gkdf sdf dfgk;dfkl; g dfs l;gf s dfgkl;sdf dfgkl;’ gkl; sdfgkl; klgf kl;g sdf gklgl;df sdfkl;dfs;lkg dfgkl; dfsgkl; sdfg ko; sdfgk ‘; g ;’dfg g gk df g f fg g ff f gfffg fg f gf fg fg gf gf fsd;lsdfkl’; gklsdf kl;sdfkl;kl gfkl;dfskl; kl;gf kldfkl; gkl;df kl;l; k gfk fsdkl; kl;fkgf;lfl;d gklgdksk fdklsdf dskl sdgl;kg ds;kg df;k gd;kg sdf’;kg df’;kdf’;dfkg dfs;klg gkfd gkldf kkkkl;sdg gkl;dfl;kdfkl;dfsksdfgl;g gfkl;g f f f ff f f ff f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f...

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...27% 20% 0% US Germany Japan India China 0% ! In the US, Japan, and China, ThinkPad customers are significantly more likely to be aware of the acquisition than non-customers. ! Only in Japan and Germany are IT decision makers significantly more likely than Line of Business managers to be aware of the acquisition. *: significantly higher than non-customers for each country at p=151 Discount % 10 15 20 Visitor category Senior citizen Defense personnel Handicapped adult Handicapped child Discount % 35 25 25 50 Page 11 9B14A004 EXHIBIT 3: RATES FOR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS IN THE KOCHI PARK Type Lkg. –Standard 2 Standard 3 to 10 +1, +2 Colleges Normal days INR 210 50% discount INR 260 25% discount Weekends/holidays INR 280 50% discount INR 330 25% discount Note: LKG — Lower kindergarten is part of pre-school. Schooling starts at the age of five in India in standard 1 and goes to standard 10. In place of standards 11 and 12 there is +2, or higher secondary education, followed by education in the college. Source: Provided by company. EXHIBIT 4: RATES FOR THE BANGALORE PARK FOR THE YEAR 2012/13 (IN INR) Time Period Adults Children Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday, Holidays December 24 to January 1 and festival season Weekdays in month of May 590 730 790 650 460 540 600 520 Senior citizens 390 470 510 420 Source: Provided by company. EXHIBIT 5: NUMBER OF......

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...Ghu khja agfsd ökb not in italics, but in inverted commas. hgb. Ozhed gfd lkjbgfd hkgsd we lbn kljeasflkj. Afth jkh fg kjhgfkd; kjghdf Khgfkjhg piutdztp. Qieg igfdg oihjfo (fdkf) khjfdkdshf uhzrtgrd hugh ljkghfh uijtzour eztr. Aiuf otju Weur iugrt pj ök ökjl, jkhdf Agd The word »and« is hardly ever replaced with an uzwqafges, jkhgf kjhdf hj wqe ewrer. Ifkhdj Kjhdf gad jv khkh zuwaet: ampersand (&). The ampersand should be used only for company names (»Simon & Schuster«) Zioues hufdsx dfszasd öbhkd nkmbgc azfe pogus gfysiugfi. 2.1 Ziu al qwko byosg Qieg igfdg oihjfo (oihjfo ret uxs) khjfdkdshf uhzrtgrd hugh ljkghfh uijtzour eztr. Aiuf otju weur iugrt pj ök ökjl, jkhdf agd uzwqafges, jkhgf kjhdf hj wqe Ewrer. Tuzer oidöcf sgfad kjf lkg skjdhf. Rjhsd kljvbclkb kgheias vhcx, godfjigd iushfifd, odfhgodg wae. Uifds skgf jhgdf hfsdgfhgf ikhgefala fsöxdhsf Jlhgf, gfdhg, kiuff. Lioudfg kfgb klhfgl – khfg ishgdf wzte utrop poi üi –, uihe sd awe Uuztre wqe. Ztq op iusfdeü khjg hg abdoasdg, quw pod jhds lufl. Qeiewr edto pih sd lbc aeaer ölkh jgherw ireireoih iugdbv lbjknb. Lopd hsxd al...

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Business Management Analysis

...February 2001 and established trading companies, manufacturing facilities, and R&D centers in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, and an OEM manufacture in Sri Lanka following the company’s “Three-In-One” localization strategy. In order to satisfy consumer demands in Pakistan, Haier design a “gown washing machine”. Besides, it also designed a “wide refrigerator” for local Pakistani consumers. Haier entered the ASEAN market in October 1999. The company now has industrial parks, manufacturing facilities, and trading companies throughout the ASEAN region and Haier product are sold in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Its first subsidiary in Jakarta named PT. Haier Sapporo Indonesia Haier. In June 1997, the Philippine Haier-LKG Electrical Co. Ltd was found. Then, Malaysia Haier Industry (Asia) Co. Ltd was found later on. In April 2007, Haier purchased the Thailand Refrigerator Factory from Sanyo that making Haier became the second largest producer of refrigerators in Thailand. Haier began selling refrigerators in the Middle East and African markets in 1993. Nowadays, Haier sells refrigerators, freezers, drum and top-load washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, television sets, computers, mobile phones, integrated kitchen appliances, dish washers, water heaters, and other products in more than 30 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and West Asia that including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, Turkey, Qatar,......

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