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<title>My Basic Information</title>
<img src="UV logo.jpg" width="200" height="200" >
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<font face="Georgia"







sp;Thomas L. Lagarde</div></font>
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Address:&nbsp;128 Guadaville Guadalupe,Cebu City
<br>Age:&nbsp;17 years old
<p>Educational Background:
<p>Elementary:&nbsp;San Miguel Central School
<br>High School:&nbsp;University…...

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...the business is going to reach the vision statement and keep up to its mission statement. Statements A. BBVA Compass Bank experienced five bank acquisitions throughout the past five years and has evolved to ensure one stop service to their customers and promote additional opportunities for sales, by building rapport with current books of business. They are hoping to change the significance of banking by becoming a global universal bank to their customers. B. Mission Statement- BBVA is a global group that offers individual and corporate customers the most complete range of financial and non-financial products and services by being a universal bank (bbva.com). Vision Statement- BBVA, building a better future for people (bbva.com) Strategy Statement- BBVA is a financial services group that strives to grow stronger through improvements in efficiency, profitability and capital adequacy commensurate with competitive advantage (bbva.com). Statement Validation A. As the mission, vision, and strategy statement are to be used as tools to embrace the organization’s purpose, existence, and future development. As change agents tend to be a huge factor in all of these preceding statements, the vision statement will define the best attributes of BBVA that makes it better than its competitor. The mission statement notifies what is happening now and creates the mood before the change. Leaders at BBVA will have to initially use the coach or......

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