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My schedule varies from week to week depending on my work schedule)


7:05am daughters wake me up to take them to school

7:15am-7:25am dropping them off to school and driving on the way back home

7:40am tidying up the living room and kitchen area once I am done fall asleep in the living while watching espn news

8:05-2:20pm still sleeping

2:22pm my girls come from school fixing lunch before going to work

3:00pm- 100am (sometime I work overnights) I’m at work


7:30-8:00am getting home from work (the day before probably worked an overnight shift)

8:15-2:00pm heading to school/ in class working on assignments or group activity

2:20pm –leaving school heading home getting ready for work

3:15pm-1:00am- at work


7:10am- take the girls to school

8:00pm- working on any or making up any homework assignments that I may have missed

1:15pm- help prep dinner e.g., marinating the chicken

2:20pm sometimes I willl pick up my daughters up from the school bus stop

3:00-fixing them lunch…and helping girls with home work

5:00-6:00pm wife comes home from work would talk to her about several of topics

8:00pm-8:30pm eating dinner with family

9:00pm-9:30pm-send the kids to bed


7:05am-7:15am-waking up and taking the kids to school


2:25pm-girls comes home from school

3:15pm fixing lunch for them to eat

3:20-help with any homework I can and the rest when my wife comes home she will help them finish

5:00pm-7:30am- going to work that’s truck night at work so its overnight shift tonight


9:00am probably just getting home from work stayed longer than I wanted to left at a later time

10:00am eating breakfast or last night’s dinner (if my wife cooked)

11:00am-2:20pm-sleeping until kids get home from school

3:00-3:15pm-making lunch for my…...

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