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Request for Proposal (RFP)
Task 1

1. Introduction
The purpose of this project is to introduce a new network infrastructure design for Simple Gateway Inc. The new network design will solve the existing problem with the multiple versions of the same document in each regional offices, digitize, and automate the workflow associate with administrative tasks.

2. Summary and Background
Simple Gateway Inc. is a regional travel and tourism company Headquarters in California with 12 branch offices across the western United States. As of now, each office network operates independently with their own window base file server, an exchange server, and all of the data (File and Document) are stored locally. There is no centralized network and system infrastructure.

3. The current challenges in the Simple gateway affecting Key stakeholders
Simple Gateway Inc.’s decentralized network was affecting the day to day business operation, and every day employee productivity was very low within the organization. Furthermore, currently affected shareholders are the chairman, vice president, director of operations, area managers, human resources, office manager, and office staff.
Overall the stakeholder main problems are:
Since each regional office was operating independently, there was no standardized version control of the document. Each regional office had a different version of the same document. Due to the lack of transparency and visibility of company data among the staff, they ended up viewing the same old documents and files. This leads to missed and inaccurate information between the staff contribute to the unhappy customer and frustrated employee.
Another challenge was with administrative tasks such as leave requests and changes to employee information which are handled through the paper forms. These paper forms are stored in a file cabinet in each…...

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