Man from the South

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Man from the South

of Dahl Roald

The short story “Man from the South” is one of the most famous stories of Dahl Roald.
This tale speaking about a bet between two men; an American young sailor and an elderly man called Carlos.
The story started when Carlos sat down in one of the tables around the swimming pool, next to another man, the narrator.
At the same time in the swimming pool there were a lot of American sailors, who were playing and were getting on with some English girls. Suddenly one of the cadets sat at the same table with one of the English girls and then he took a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.
When he was going to light the smoke between his lips, the little man, Carlos, started to say the sailor`s lighter wouldn`t work when there was the wind. The cadet told him that it always worked and it had never failed; it was then that Carlos ordered the bet.
If the boy had could light his lighter without fail for ten times, he`d have won Carlos’ car, a Cadillac; but if the boy had lost, he`d have lost his little finger.
At first the young boy doubted about this, but Carlos kept to persuading him until he agreed to do that.
Then they came in to the hotel room of Carlos and the little man started to prepare all the necessary for the bet and when all was prepared, the boy started to strike the lighter while Carlos held a chopper handing in the air ready to cut off the finger.
Suddenly, while the boy was lighting his lighter for the eighth time, a woman opened the door, and in this way the bet was stopped.
Later she told them Carlos was a menace and he took forty-seven fingers from various people and also had lost eleven cars.
She had won everything Carlos owned long ago, including the car, and as she reached for the car keys, people could see her hand had only one finger…...

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