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The groundbreaking silent documentary film "Man with a Movie Camera" was made in 1929 by a Russian filmmaker Dziga Vertov (real name Dennis Kaufman). Edited by his wife Elizaveta Svilova and his brother Mikhail Kaufman, the cinematographer. Vertov belonged to a movement of filmmakers known as the Kinoks.
Man with a Movie Camera shows the urban life of three cities in Russia; Moscow, Kiev and Odessa. The film covers the 24 hours of a day which was actually filmed in three years. It shows the daily routine of the citizens at work and in their free time. The camera seems to go everywhere, covering street life as well as a woman getting out of bed and getting dressed.
In 2012, Sight and Sound poll, film critics voted "Man with a Movie Camera" the 8th best film ever made.
In the opening of the film, Vertov shows the city asleep, machines idle and empty streets. He then presents a man with a movie camera who rises before the city and captures the city awakening. Vertov shows different types of transportation that take laborers to work, like trains, buses and automobiles.
Vertov had no intensions of making this film as a regular movie, he shot every scene separately. Elizaveta worked on all the clips, edit it and put in the order. He filmed Man with a Movie Camera with a candid camera, filming undercover or from a distance.
This film is famous for the range of cinematic techniques, Dziga invents, deploys or develops, such as double exposure, Dutch angles, fast motion, slow motion, jump cuts, split screens, freeze frames, extreme close-ups, tracking shots, stop motion animations, footage played backwards and a self-reflexive style. Some of the shots are cool, many photos imposed on top of each other, which at the time was an amazing advance technological.
Throughout the film, we are aware of the camera presence, we see the camera reflected in the windows and in the…...

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