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In my case analysis I write about my overall assessment of my management communication style. I identify areas for improvement while providing a plan to remedy each area. In my paper I label myself an assertive communicator, whether I am speaking or writing I try to express information clearly, appropriately and respectively. I go on to write about my process of improvement, and also how I can change my style. In my process of improvement I also plan to do a lot of brainstorming before writing or speaking, another process of improvement will be blogging. By blogging I can see what I am doing wrong and work on my deficiencies.

MANAGEMENT COMMUNICATIONS ASSESSMENT AND IMPROVEMENT PLAN I would label my management communication style as being assertive. I can usually relay my message quite well, and I try to always develop a plan on how to relay my message without being over bearing. I also try to be very consistent when making my points and getting them across. How, where and when I choose to comment is more important to me than what I am saying. When communicating I like to maintain eye contact, keep good body posture, gestures and keep the level of my voice to a minimum. My communication style is far from perfect, I can improve on being more effective, and adjusting my writing style. Being more effective, sometimes I don’t know what to say, or even how to effectively relay the message. My plan to remedy this area in the future will be to organize and clarify ideas in my mind. My plan is to choose the main points I want to get across and focus no those topics. By doing that it could help me to stay on point and not wander of course. If I am communicating through speech, my plan is to speak briskly, while emphasizing key words. When it comes to my writing style my plan is to continue to keep daily blogs, making…...

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