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Management Plan Summary

Management Plan Summary The three employees all have different characteristics that define how they work, develop goals and perceive their current job. The three assessments I had individuals complete were: How satisfied am I with my job, Am I a deliberate decision maker? and how am I feeling right now? Each person answered mostly all of the questions differently. This tells me each of these people have different characteristics, perceptions and view job satisfaction in a different way. These three employees’ characteristics affect the performance of the organization by affecting the way employees work, make decisions and perceive their organization.
Recommendations for Mark would include focusing on strengths to increase job satisfaction, working with others and decision making skills. Encouraging team assignments can help the individual maximize on encouraging others. Also encouraging Mark to being involved in setting individual and organizational goals will help overcome his weaknesses.
Recommendations for Michelle would include working with others to increase a positive enthusiastic environment for employees and customers. Setting time sensitive goals will help overcome the decisions making weakness Michelle has. Placing Michelle in an environment that can encourage a great attitude and other people should highlight her strengths.
Tom’s recommendations would include focusing on his weaknesses instead of his strengths. Helping develop organizational goals and individual task will help overcome weaknesses of job satisfaction. Also developing time sensitive goals will help decision making skills. Overall, is very positive and works well with others in a team environment.
Getting everyone involved in working together will help encourage a positive work environment and help communicate organizational goals as a team. Michelle is…...

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